Monday, March 21, 2016

Walmart Beauty Box- Spring 2016

Unboxing the 2016 Spring Walmart beauty box! Let's check out the goodies!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Topsy Turvy Cake Tutorial

I haven't posted on here in a while, 2012-2013, I was super busy with college.  Anyway, I saw cute topsy turvy cakes online, and I really wanted to make one with clay. There weren't any free tutorials online, so I decided to make this one.

Things you will need:
  • Polymer Clay
  • Tools (Blade)
  • Ruler
  • Round cutters
  • Your hands! :)
  • Pasta machine or Acrylic Rod
Here are the sizes of the round cutters I used (largest to smallest): 30mm, 20mm, 15mm
The picture below are the circles I cut out, I ended up doing 3 circles instead of the 2 in the picture. I just use a bunch of scrap clay, the colors kinda look like Neapolitan Ice cream :)
The thickness on each circle is about 1/4 inch
 Stack all the circles together evenly, remember 3, not 2
First start with your base, the largest circles. Roll your clay across your work surface to make sure everything is even.
 Then push it down a bit, alternate between rolling and patting down, until you get the shape you want.
Here is where I added the third layer, because I decided I wanted it to be higher.
Now use your blade to cut the top layer off at an angle.
 I had to turn it around the other way and use my right hand.
You might have to trim it a little more to get it even.

Take the 20mm cutter, and make a slight indentation in the base.
Use your blade to cut on the mark you made.
 You are going to dig out the circle, try to only dig out the top circle.
 Smooth the inside, and any rough spots you might have stabbed....
 Make sure your edges on the outside are rounded, by now they should be.
This is the measurement of the base, it's almost at 3/4"

This is the measurement of the middle piece (20mm), it measures 5/8"  Roll your smaller pieces like you did the base to get it even.

Cut the next piece the same way you did the base.
Use the smallest cutter (15mm) to do the indentation on the middle piece (20mm)  Do the same steps as before, cut out the first layer, and smooth the inside.

 Do the same with the smallest piece, cut at an angle. No need to cut out the middle.
 Make sure they all fit together really good. It is ok, if they are a little loose.
I am doing my base with white "fondant" :)  So I rolled it out on the thinnest setting, on my pasta machine.

Put the clay over your base, and push it into the middle with your finger.
 It should look like this.....
 After that wrap the base, make sure there are no air bubbles.
 I like to cut the clay, and make the ends meet up and just blend the seam.
 I wasn't thinking and cut the clay off! uh oh. Well I just trimmed the sides and then put a thin circle of white at the bottom :)
 This is the very top piece, I am covering it with white too. I made those cuts so I could just trim, and patch it all together. I feel like sometimes when you just put the clay on, and pull it all down, it's stretching some parts out.
 Sorry some of these pictures are blurry, my phone was being weird....
 I covered my middle piece in black, just the same way as the base piece was done.
 Now for the decorations on the base!  Rolled my clay out real thin, and this is the pattern I did to get triangles.
 This is how I placed the triangles on the base :)  You might have to trim some of the tops ones to keep them from going into the space where the other piece is going to sit.
And this is what I ended up with :D
 For the middle piece, I did hearts. I rolled out white clay really thin, kinda shaped them on my finger, and then just put my finger on the cake.  VoilĂ !!

For the top piece, I did a longer type of triangle shape.  Similar to the way I cut the regular triangles :)
Here is everything put together....
And here it is finished!! Yay :)
If you have any questions, leave a comment below :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Market Day

I went to a Market Day yesterday (April 2nd, 2011).  It was pretty nice, not a lot of buyers though.  I sold two things. But ended up buying two things also. :)   I put together a craft show banner on Adobe Illustrator, sent the file to my boyfriend and he made it for me :)   I printed out papers with prices on them and had everything laying on the papers.  The only display items I had were earrings stands.  Maybe next time I will have some more displays for my jewelry.

Also, I finally got a pasta machine a couple weeks ago. But I can only run clay through the middle. The outsides of the rollers are leaving black streaks on my clay.  It's only visible on the light colored clays. 

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