Monday, June 15, 2009

The Single Life

Every time I meet a new guy I always doubt the things
they say to me are true. Every move they make, I wonder
if it's all just a lie, just a game, just a facade.

He says he's doing one thing but he's actually doing
something else, something that he doesn't want you to know.
I've been lied to and played so many times
that by now, if a guy was honest with me,
I'd have a hard time believing it.

A guy tells me I'm beautiful,
I'm thinking
"Is he just saying that so he can get in my pants?"
"Does he genuinely think I'm beautiful?"
I just smile and say "Thank you", and proceed with caution. :/

A lot of times,
I have been in the position of being "The other girl."
Most times without knowing they were with anyone and
then finding out later. I don't want to feel like someones
little play toy, and be there just for a good time.
I want someone who will want me for me, and someone
who would need me as much as I would need them.
A guy that knows how to treat a girl right, one who realizes
there's more to life than just sex, and more to a girl than just
Tits and Ass!!

But not a total goody two shoes.
Personality is key!!

There is someone who has greatly sparked my interest,
I've dreamt and fantasized about kissing his lips, among many other things. But even though he does exist, that's probably all those
thoughts will ever be, merely dreams and fantasies.

I guess I'm just feeling kinda down.
Needed to just speak my mind.....

But that's what a blog is for, right??

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